Cultural Consultation and Thought LeadershiP

What are the questions we should be asking, and how to move towards answering them?

I've lectured, written and advised on the culture wars over images and monuments; art, terrorism, borders and conflict; the ethics of the image in the digital age; and the public responsibility of art and museums in the wake of crisis. The interrelation of human thriving, the arts and the urban environments which are becoming the principal ground for many of society's most pressing problems, and their potential solutions, is central to my work. 

cultural insight

A human-centered, multidisciplinary approach to questions of culture.

  • Cities and thriving

  • The arts & social transformation

  • Communication, conflict and the force of images

  • Ethics, aesthetics and technology

  • Cultural change: challenges and opportunities

Rigorous academic research translating complex insights into practical concepts and tools

  • Research to identity areas of need

  • Holistic, collaborative & networked to bridge divides

  • Synthetic + analytic

  • From information to knowledge, knowledge to know-how

Applied research

Innovation is not limited to products, but to new processes, practices and paradigms of work and thought. Creating something new requires looking to the future, but also understanding and learning from the past: building with history.

Much like innovation districts, organisations benefit from a rich mix of collaboration across sectors, scales and divides, forging unusual coalitions of expertise and perspectives: the ability to see connections and bridge divides.

Idea innovation