Institute of Advanced Studies, University College London

As a Visiting Research Fellow at UCL’s new Institute of Advanced Studies this year, I was challenged to expand my thinking and research in new directions through regular meetings of our group and public presentations. The year culminated in several publications and a talk on the ethical challenges of the image in an age of technology, a topic of continued interest. (Listen here)

As part of my ongoing engagement of the image wars, I organised and presented at a symposium that brought the Bartlett, Art History and the Institute to engage its audience in a critical conversation about the processes by which artists, researchers and publics make and re-make history and heritage. More on the Symposium here

My UCL homepage

The Institute of Advanced Studies is committed to critical thinking and engaged enquiry both within and across conventional disciplinary and institutional boundaries, and aims to provide a creative and generative context in which to question and dislodge habitual practices and modes of thought. In particular, in the context of a major multi-disciplinary university, the IAS harnesses UCL’s extensive expertise across the humanities and social sciences, to investigate received wisdom, to bring the aesthetic and the political into dialogue with one another, to foster collaborative cutting-edge research, to identify and address the urgent ethical and intellectual challenges that face us today, and to confront our responsibilities as citizens of an increasingly contracting and inter-connected world, exploring our place (historically as well as spatially) within it.