Dr Anna Marazuela Kim 

advancing cultural insight to foster civic thriving

For nearly a decade, I've been a member of international research groups and Institutes of Advanced Study in the US, Europe and the UK. Working collaboratively across disciplines and sectors, I engage critical issues in culture for wider audiences and practitioners in the service of the public good.

Currently I am the lead scholar advancing research on the role of the arts and the built environment in fostering civic agency for the Thriving Cities Lab, based at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Culture at the University of Virginia. A freelance consultant in London since 2018, I have been commissioned by King’s Cultural Institute, King’s College London and the Global Cultural Districts Network for reports on best practices and strategic planning in the cultural sector.

Recent research affiliations include Andrew Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow at the Courtauld Institute of Art's Research Forum (2015-16), invited Fellow of the Center of Advanced Studies at the Free University, Berlin (2016-17), Visiting Research Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Studies, University College London (2017-18), and Associate Fellow of King’s Centre for Strategic Communications and the Arts & Conflict Hub in War Studies (2017-present).

I am based in London and have right to work in the U.K. under a Tier 1 Exceptional Talent visa, endorsed by the British Academy.

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aesthetics / anthropologies of the image / art & architectural history / art & terrorism / art criticism/beauty & justice / borders & conflict / cities / civic agency / cosmopolitanism / creative placemaking / cultural districts / cultural heritage / enchantment & idols / ethics of technology / graffiti & crisis politics / history of ideas / human capacities & thriving / iconoclasm & critique / icons & the iconic turn / image worlds / italian renaissance art / mapping / materiality / monuments/ museums & their publics / philosophy / photography / refugee crisis / right to the city / sculpture & the body / site specificity / space / theories of culture / urbanism