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Institute for advanced studies in culture, University of virginia

While a PhD student at University of Virginia, I made the case to the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture to include an art and architectural historian among a distinguished interdisciplinary community mostly dominated by social scientists and political philosophers. I have been an Associate Fellow since 2011, involved in research groups on topics such as the Human Person and Technology and now one of the lead scholars for the newly established Thriving Cities Lab.

I’ve also written for their award-winning journal of intellectual culture, The Hedgehog Review, on the enchantment of digital images and their ethical challenge.

The Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture is an interdisciplinary research center and intellectual community at the University of Virginia committed to understanding contemporary cultural change and its individual and social consequences, training young scholars, and providing intellectual leadership in service to the public good.

The Institute's mission is to establish the most highly regarded and influential scholarly center in the world for the analysis of contemporary cultural change and its consequences.

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